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Framed Art Prints with a Unique Flair
Imaginative Pencil
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We have 106 framed print choices with your choice of two stylish frames. Our prints are high gloss matte prints and come framed in your choice of two styles for your decor. To learn more about these framed prints click above
Our prints are made with the best technology known as giclee and result in a semi gloss matte finish that locks in the true colors of the originals.



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The approach of artist Justin Michael Jenkins involves the arrangement of color, form, shape, and the involvement of positive and negative contours within the overall composition. When we look at the world from a distance from space, we would conclude from our observations that our world is a complex dynamic of movement, color, shape, and the interaction of all these into one harmonic flow. The artist approaches his works in much the same manner, taking and absorbing everyday life and then subjecting all the complexities and interactions of these object, sounds, and colors to a universal analysis. This analyzation then breaks down these forms and colors into dynamic relationships within the composition, forming a harmonic flow between these elements generating this approach. Read more about how the artists approaches his work before and during the creative process.

This is the first element and is treated as a seperate plane of interaction within the fusion and construction.

This is the second element and is the one element that is subjected to analysis by the artists imagination.

Another element that floats in and around the color and form and contradicts the imaginative form by remaining concrete in reality.

This is perhaps the defining element in the artist works and works hand in had with form, subjecting the forms to the slippery slope of the mind. It generates the unique quality in the art.

Positive & Negative Shape
This sets the forms contour apart from its external features, simplifying the objects appearance by showing form as organic rather than detailed.
When the artist sits down to start a new work, his mind becomes free of any outside distractions and he is free to create on unobstructed ground. Prior to the start of a new work, the artist will have a somewhat clear picture of the work in his head and from there will begin manifesting the desired outcome of the overall composition. In the beginning, he will begin to form the concrete area of the work from his memory, but will soon begin to let a much more intuitive and balanced process take place around these realistic forms. Soon the work will take on a life of its own and reality will soon replace subtle traces of realistic forms surrounded by twisted, flexible, and rubbery shapes and forms, all germinating from this initial process throughout the creative act. The artist will let intuition, intelligence, and emotion fuse together while he works thus creating an explosion of these essential forces into the drawing surface.
Imaginative Pencil
Imaginative Pencil
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