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Passionate about probing what we are made up of, how we relate to life around us, and the mysteries of the universe, artist Justin Michael Jenkins wanted to generate a "scientific dynamic" in visual interpretations based around his unique approach to composition. This latest style by the artist challenges the viewer emotionally, intellectually, and intuitively.
Our prints are made with the best technology known as giclee and result in a semi gloss matte finish that locks in the true colors of the originals.



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Title - Transcendental Junction of a Cosmic Grotto

Justin Michael Jenkins

Print size
11 x 14 inches

Framed print size
16 x 20 inches

Colored pencil

Ready to ship

This work shows three ladies that represent the act of creating themsleves. They each show the process of creation as envisioned in a dream the artist had one night as they met him in a cage like cosmic setting.

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