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We have 106 framed print choices with your choice of two stylish frames. Our prints are high gloss matte prints and come framed in your choice of two styles for your decor. To learn more about these framed prints click above
Our prints are made with the best technology known as giclee and result in a semi gloss matte finish that locks in the true colors of the originals.



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Welcome to a section of our website designed to give some advice and tips on marketing, creating art, and many other important elements in helping you become the best artist possible. This page will contain information on how to better organize your studio, tips on building websites, art instruction lessons, and much more. Please visit this page often as it will be updated regularly for your convenience and study.

Symmetry is an important design elements when creating any work of art. In the example above, my drawing shows this idea of symmetry and components of the structure. The work above shows 4 ladies who are apparently creating a circular movement by my placing them in 4 exact locations. But, its not that simple and easy. Good symmetrical structure in a composition usually reveals a subtle breakdown in the usual perfect counter structure of the objects. A perfect symmetrical work of art would be more redundant and boring than say a work that uses this structure to create sub structures within the symmetry. In the work above, as the 4 woman are placed in the four corners differentiations in color, the break down form, and shape interaction becomes varied. This creates more interesting fusion and interaction of the forms and gives the work more depth of design.
Start to spend time doing your works in a series. Begin your work with a vision in mind. To make this easier, sit down and think of a favorite topic then begin a series of work based around your unique approach. This series can be 6 works or 12 works or more, but make it at least 3. This way you can develop deeper into your intended and chosen subject matter.
Start looking at the world from a child's perspective. As we grow older, even artists find it difficult to look at life and reality in a playful way, thus they remain stuck much like writers block. In order to unleash your full creative power you must let yourself go or free yourself of the constraints of reality and adult issues to tap into the well of resources of creativity. The key to this is to approach your work more loosely and let yourself float into the work rather than forcing the work to come the way you want it.
Start with a simple subject matter like a face of a person, then begin to look at that object much differently. For instance, when you look at a face you notice the eyes, nose and mouth, take these objects that make up the whole object (face) and begin to find a way to relate these objects to one another through a visual perspective. Maybe approach the whole of the face as a dark galaxy while the mouth, nose and eyes become planets forming the face. Begin to look at reality as a playground awaiting your minds activity in and around it.
Imaginative Pencil
Imaginative Pencil
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