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Justin: The whole anatomy drawing collection is so complex but well composed also. I like the vivid color used in the pic and try to imagine what is really going on inside my body. Well done I love it! Derek
Hey Justin how goes my man! Havnt been over here for awhile but I see you still cranking them out! I know your work just from the thumbnails, dont even have to see your name. I enjoy your work, the colors, the movement and basically because there is just so damned much to look at-Great stuff dude! Sean
An excellent range of skillfully interlocked abstract shapes fill the page. The combination of shape and well chosen colour make this a most appealing style of art. Nice collection Justin!!!... Best.. Terry.
Hi Justin. Long time no see my friend. Your work is just as "tight" as ever. I just love the brilliant colors you manage to achieve with a pencil on board. Fantastic pieces. Best regards, Denny Karchner
Horrific! (but in a good way) The primary reds and blues are great in that battle going on studio work #P0440. You have so much going on that it takes me a bit to see it all. I haven't found the yin to go with the yang on the mans face at the bottom. Is it there? You are a master at modeling. The way you place highlights and shadow is awe-inspiring. Thanks for sharing. MM
Very nice body of work work Justin. All very really original as your personal style is. It's incredible what you are able to obtain with coloured pencil. Thanks for sharing. Luca  
Another wonderful work from your mind collection in studio #P0330. You are amazing. Some excellent detail and I love the color contrast you get. It really sets it apart! Crisp in contrast yet complex in the visual depth the it draws on as an overall piece. Wonderful! Alan
Justin, this is an exceptionally imaginative piece: it is interesting to see how creative a breakfast moment can become. There is a bit of Dali in this, as well as Rube Goldberg. In a way this is in the comic book art genre, but there is no shame in that: many an artist has made a very comfortable living in the cartoon world. Most important here is the integrated vision and the drawing skills that you used to pull it off.

Justin, your entire body of work shows great skill and imagination. regards, Tom.
Amazing... there are so many fantastic details... and these details shape into some amazing vision of... our everyday life! Your pictures are multi-dimensional Justin, and that`s way I have enormous respect to them! You works need some time and concentration to fully understand them. I`m looking at it only for a few minutes, so forgive me for such short and perfunctory opinion. Anyway it is great, even I`m not 100% sure yet why. Sugario
So, do you ever sleep, or do anything but frantically churn out masterworks?? The spiritual elements make this image (#P0390) one of your most interesting on this site. I am amazed by your consistant brilliance, sir. The composition keeps drawing my eye back to new things in the image...Jack
I`ll never understand where do You get Your ideas from... Longer I look, more fantastic details and ideas I find. I`m not sure if I ever mentioned it, but You`re making really good job with your pencils. I like very bright, pastel and highly contrasted colours [despite my own works , and Your works are filled with that. And one more thing: I love Your titles. I didn`t understand a one, but I love it, Sugario
I never imagined surrealism being pared with internal anatomy. This is a very nice and refreshing image. I really like the use of color and space. These anatomy drawings have so much going on that I am forced to just keep looking at it, constantly finding something new. Very unique. Sarah
Justin, this is Your best artwork yet (#P0380)! Quality and infinite number of perfectly drawn details brought me to my knees... I could write for hours `bout Your amazing pencil skills, or about outstanding ideas, but I just don`t have `nuff time and place. You`ve got something like sixth sense which makes Your pictures so colourful without turning into exaggeration. Or maybe it`s just enormous amount of talent? Anyway, I love IT! Michael
I bow to you, O master of the colored pencil. This piece cries out to be hung where you can study it for hours on end. You tied the 16 images together really well, so my eye just flows from one to the next. The basic black background sets off the colors beautifully and gives nice depth. Bravo. John
A beautifully executed drawing collection. Fanciful and imaginative with bright colors. The images are strange in a nice way, and fun to look at, with new odd things to notice. A bit like Hieronimus Bosch, but not so dark. McMillan
Hello, wow, which for a picture. Grandios. to see as many and mad strong colors humans taken and again together set this is a strong picture, this apart pleases me very well. sorry for me english. the best greets Petra
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