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Framed Art Prints with a Unique Flair
Imaginative Pencil
Art of Creativity
We have 106 framed print choices with your choice of two stylish frames. Our prints are high gloss matte prints and come framed in your choice of two styles for your decor. To learn more about these framed prints click above
Our prints are made with the best technology known as giclee and result in a semi gloss matte finish that locks in the true colors of the originals. This results in a lasting effect for centuries. The prints look as though the original work of art is before your eyes!




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Do you supply what is needed to hang my framed print?
Yes. Everything you need to properly hang your frame is included with your purchase.

How should I clean my frame glass front once i receive my purchase?
Many glass cleaners can be used to clean our frame windows. Wash carefully with any glass cleaner. Use a soft, damp cloth, applying only light pressure. Take care to prevent any cleaning solution from seeping between the glass and the frame, which could damage the matting or the print.

Is the image on your site accurate to what I will be sent?
We strive for a high degree of image accuracy. However, due to copyright image protection, we scan at less than perfect resolution. The quality of the enlargements is less than the original high quality print you will receive.

What kind of art do you sell? is a one stop marketplace for open-edition reproductions -- that is, framed prints and posters, featuring emerging young artist Justin Michael Jenkins. Our work is surreal, colorful, and avante-garde pencil drawings. In addition, we provide high-quality matting and framing choices with each print purchase. We offer a one-stop online shopping experience that lets you acquire art that is as unique as you are.

Do you have any retail locations?
No. We do not operate any retail store locations. All of our services are provided through our Web site and our central order processing facility. We can be reached M-Friday 3PM until 11PM. Please contact our Customer Support Center toll free at 1-304-376-0762 or via email at with any questions.

How can I tell if an item is in stock?
On each enlargement page for each print where you order the framed print there is a phrase that indicates product availability. If a print is in stock, this will state "Ready to Ship." This is located in the "Product Detail" box to the right of the art.


How do I ship my items somewhere other than to my billing address?
It's easy.You are provided the option to enter a shipping address that is different than the billing address. Choose NO to the question "Is the above address also the billing address?" Then follow the instructions.

What is your return policy?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied we will gladly accept a return for exchange or for refund (less S&H), provided the item is returned within 10 days from date of shipment.

How do I return an item?
To return an item, please return the item(s) in the same packaging it was shipped in. Be sure to include a copy of your invoice (packing slip) with your return along with an explanation stating why you are not satisfied with the item(s). We will gladly accept a return for exchange within 10 days from date of shipment.

Will I have to pay additional taxes on international shipments?
No. does not charge international fees, however, be aware that we are not responsible for any duties or value-added taxes that may be assessed by your local Customs office.

How can I track a shipment after it has left's facilities?
After your order has shipped, you should receive an email with a link to the UPS tracking page with your tracking customer number. If for any reason you do not receive correspondence, you may login your account to view the current status. If you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-304-376-0762 or via email at

When will my order arrive?
If you use PayPal to order usually less than 2weeks.This varies based upon where you live. Once we ship your order, we will email you a confirmation with a link to the UPS tracking page. Please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-304-376-0762 or via email at with any additional questions.

How are framed orders shipped?
Framed items are securely packaged in an sturdy box with fitted inserts to prevent shaking and damage and securely wrapped using economy bubble wrap. All framed items are shipped via UPS Ground.

Is my package insured? guarantees your satisfaction and we will give you a refund, an exchange or a replacement for purchased items you are not satisfied with within 10 days of receipt. In the remote event that your package is lost or damaged upon arrival, please contact our Customer Support Center toll free at 1-304-376-0762 or via email at

Can I ship to a P.O. box?
No. We do not accept P.O. Box addresses. All framed prints must be shipped to a street address. Note also that for items shipped to a street address, a phone number is required.

How do I place an order?
It's easy and secure! Just place the product(s) you wish to order in your electronic shopping cart by clicking on the "add to cart" button located beneath the product image. When you're ready to complete your order, follow the easy instructions on completing your order, and select your payment option, PAYPAL. Contact our Customer Support Center at 1-304-376-0762 or via email at and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.

If I encounter a problem while submitting my order, should I just resubmit?
If you are unsure your order was properly submitted, contact our Customer Support Center at 1-304-376-0762 or via email at and we will be happy to assist you.

What if I have placed a duplicate order?
If you feel you have placed a duplicate order, please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-304-376-0762 or via email at and we will be happy to assist you.

Is ordering online safe?
Yes it is. With, ordering online is as safe as using a credit card to buy dinner in a restaurant. We use the latest security technology, which includes data encryption, server authentication, and message integrity. Furthermore, we have registered with Go Daddy Inc. to assure our customers that we are a valid, legal, and trusted corporation.

Do you offer corporate or wholesale discounts?
We offer discounts to wholesale and corporate customers. Please email us at or call 1-304-376-0762 for information regarding our corporate discount services.

Can I cancel an order after it has been submitted?
Yes. To cancel an order, have your order number available and contact our Customer Support Center at 1-304-376-0762 or via email at

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payments using PAYPAL. We accept electronic checks, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER.

Can I pay without using a credit card?
Yes. We accept MONEY ORDERS and we also have a electronic check payment system through using PAYPAL for your convenience.

Does electronic check payment take longer?
Yes. After 3 business days when your check clears your bank we will then begin processing your framed print order.

Is their a difference in using PAYPAL for ordering?
Yes. We will ship your order much faster using PAYPAL merchant services. Delivery using PAYPAL is usually less than 2 weeks to your door.

Do you accept cash?
Yes. If you would like to send cash in the mail (at your risk) we will gladly process your order once the money gets here. We recommend placing it in a secure wrap type envelope or UPS mailer that is sealed tightly. We are not responsible for lost or stolen money on its way to our headquarters.

How long will my delivery take?
When you place your order, we will give you an estimation of how long it takes to ship your order out from our facility. From there, the actual delivery timeframe will vary based on your destination and your country's customs office. Typical international deliveries average between 4 to 5 weeks, but may take up to 6 weeks.

Will I be billed duties and taxes?
You may be required to pay duties and taxes to claim your package, depending on your local customs office. has no control over this, and has no way of determining what your duties and taxes may amount to. We encourage you to contact your local postal service or customs bureau for more specific information.

How can I check the status of my order?
If you created an account when placing your order, simply visit My Account and you'll be able to view the status of your order. If you did not create an account, please contact us at with your order number, and we would be happy to assist you.

Please note that we are only able to determine the status of the shipment until it leaves our facility. Once your order has been shipped, we are not able to track it internationally, and will not be able to give you a specific date of delivery.

Do you accpet all forms of currency?
Yes. At checkout using PAYPAL, just specify the country and how you will pay. Unfortunately, we cannot accept electronic checks or money orders from outside our country. We only accpet VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, OR DINERS CLUB.

What is a Open Edition? A Open edition is a series of identical prints, which are an extended printing of a piece. Unlike limited editions, these are widely produced for mass production and never run out of an edition size.

What is a Giclee Print?
Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is a French word meaning "a spraying of ink". With the advent of giclée, the art of reproducing fine art has become even more precise. Giclée's have the highest apparent resolution available today -- as high as 1,800 dpi. In addition, since no screens are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs and a color range that exceeds that of serigraphy. Displaying a full color spectrum, giclée prints capture every nuance of an original and have gained wide acceptance from artists and galleries throughout the world.

The patented printing technology utilizes microscopically fine droplets of ink to form the image. A print can consist of nearly 20 billion ink droplets. The microscopic droplets of ink vary in sizes (approximately the size of a red blood cell) and density. This unique patented feature produces a near continuous tone image, smoother gradation between tones, and a more finely differentiated color palette.

What is meant by the term 'Archival' and 'acid-free'?
Paper or canvas treated to neutralise its natural acidity in order to protect fine art and photographic prints from discolouration and deterioration.

How long will my print last?
Your print is used with the best technology and will last up to 200 years or longer without discoloring. We use archival heavyweight glossy paper that locks in the color dyes and inks.

What is the size of my print and the frame?
The print is 11"X14" on high matte glossy paper and is framed with a mat for a total size of 16"X20". This size is usually perfect for most decors and is not too big or too small.

How is your framing different from my local art and framing shop?
At, we use the same high-quality framing components that you would find in traditional fine framing stores. In addition, we offer you the convenience of at-home shopping, 24 hours a day. And, you will receive your framed purchase delivered to your door in far less time than ordering through a local frame shop.

Do you offer double or triple matting options?
No. Each frame choice has one mat included inside the glass front for an added professional touch. We may offer this in the near future as a way of making our choices even better.

What kind of glass do you use?
We use glass on our framed products. We use standard UV glass. This provides the standard possible protection for your print from sunlight and other light exposure.

What frame choices do you offer?
We have two choices for each art print. "Modern" and "Classical" styles that will surely suit any decor or room. When you click on the desired thumbnail art piece it will direct you to an print information and enlargment page and near the bottom you will see the print in each frame choice. Choose one and "add to cart" to order.

We want you to be delighted with your unique purchase. If your not completely satisfied for some reason and would like to return it, we have a 10 day satisfaction guarantee. Please return it within 10 days for a full refund or exchange less S&H.

How long have you been in business?
We have served many customers on the internet for over 2 years. We continue to grow and expand and will be adding many more frames very soon.

Where are you located?
We are located in Morgantown, West Virginia. Over 100,000 residents and home to West Virginia University. We have served this area and the surrounding area for 5 years.

Do you have any retail stores in Morgantown or in that area?
No. We only sell our products and services online. This way we lower our overhead costs and are open 24 hours per day.

How do i order a portrait?
Very simple and easy! Visit our commissioned art page and fill out our form and then we will contact you via email or phone. The we will direct you to send a photo to us so we can devlop your custom pencil portrait.

How much is the portrait in pencil?
Our pencil portraits from photographs are $225.00 which includes the frame! We currently frame your portrait in our "classical" style frame.

What is the overall size?
The original portrait in pencil will be customized to your preferences and will be 11"X14" and the frame is 16"X20" which includes a mat.

How long does it take to complete my portrait?
Once we receive payment and your photo it will take about 2 weeks to complete it. delivery is about 3-4 weeks from the time you order sometimes much less. It depends on our work load and the amount of potraits we have.

Can i have my portrait customized?
Yes. At no extra charge when you fill out the form please provide extras you would like to be in the portrait of the person or animal you want done in pencil. We will do our absolute best to make it a personal portrait unique to that person.

I have many more questions about your portraits?
No problem. Give us a call at 1-304-376-0762 or email us at and we will call you or email you immediately to help you understand the process.
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