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Framed Art Prints with a Unique Flair
Imaginative Pencil
Art of Creativity
We have 106 framed print choices with your choice of two stylish frames. Our prints are high gloss matte prints and come framed in your choice of two styles. Visit our extensive online catalog below.
Our prints are made with the best technology known as giclee and result in a semi gloss matte finish that locks in the true colors of the originals.



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Our drawings from the studio of award winning artist Justin Michael Jenkins are manufactured as open edition prints which means they never run out of edition size. We do this because it keeps the price reasonable with your choice of two frame styles for either $69.50 Unsigned or $99.50 Signed. The quality of these prints remains superior and our generated on archival gloss 30lb. weight paper. The texture of each print is semi glossy and has a finish that looks like original is before your eyes!

When we first out 3 years ago we searched for the best printer and stumbled onto Morgantown Printing & Binding and we absolutely couldn't believe the quality of the prints! We were so shoked at the quality we formed this business from that very surprising day we entered to get a print for a portfolio project.

Your open edition print will come framed in the choice frame your choose at the print enlargement page. The frame choices are either the Modern or Classical frames.
It will ship in our signature white box with our logo and have a welcome package inside.

Each order will receive the following:
High quality glossy print on 30lb. paper
Choice of the Modern or Classical Frame
Certificate of Authenticity
Welcome package
Our works of art are in hard to find collections such as the game of chess, anatomy, the human mind, etc.
Our works by artist Justin Michael Jenkins are bold, surreal and unique! The colorful style of this artist will certainly light up a room.
Our prices are some of the best in the industry for the quality and uniqueness of the style of work.
Justin has been invited to represent the United States inmany prestigious world events including the Bienalle in Florence, Italy where over 500 artists from 80 countries complete for the medici medal.
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Our prints lighten up any room...
Looks great on darker walls too...
Also looks great on white walls...
Imaginative Pencil
Imaginative Pencil
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