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Framed Art Prints with a Unique Flair
Imaginative Pencil
Art of Creativity
We have 106 framed print choices with your choice of two stylish frames. Our prints are high gloss matte prints and come framed in your choice of two styles for your decor. To learn more about these framed prints click above
Our prints are made with the best technology known as giclee and result in a semi gloss matte finish that locks in the true colors of the originals. This results in a lasting effect for centuries.



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An exclusive online gallery featuring the surreal, avante-grade, and colorful creations in pencil from the studio of artist Justin Michael Jenkins.

We have over 5 unique collections of art featuring works about the game of chess, human anatomy, the mind, spirituality and colorful abstractions.

These drawing collections are offered to you as high quality framed prints, posters, clocks, shirts, mugs, pillows, tiles, greeting cards and much more at a reasonable cost to you.

  Our mission is to provide unique and interesting art in high quality prints and products at affordable prices to the world.

We want to offer a variety of unique collections based around many themes that are to find.

We will continue to expand on our product offers and frame choices for our quality prints and art collections.
Welcome to
We offer some of the most unique and colorful creations available on the market today. Artist Justin Michael Jenkins has been invited to represent the United States in the Bienalle in Florence, Italy and continues to be regarded as a respectable avante-grade pencil artist. If your looking to light up a room with a work of art that will be a vast source of entertainment and discussion, then our art is for you.

Besides the color and vibrancy of his work, many scientific and inventive forms provide a source of endless conversation and entertainment. With five unique collections featuring chess, anatomy, mind, spiritual, and abstract pencil drawings, we have something for everyone.

With this in mind, we hope your creative and fun side will lure you into the magical worlds that artist Justin Michael Jenkins creates and will spark your interest in owning one of these timeless creations.
Framed Art Prints

We offer you two frame choices with your print from our galleries. The Classical Frame and Modern Frame choices offer two distinct styles that can fit in any decor. Our prints our made with archival semi-gloss paper and will last over 100 years inside the frame. Over 100 choices at this time. Click Here

Over 1,000 products

We also offer besides our selection of framed prints many other unique gift items from our fast growing shop area. We have brand name shirts in many sizes and styles, coffee mugs with our art, unique clocks, mouse pads, pillows, and much more! These make great gifts or collectibles and go well as add ons to your framed print purchase. Click Here

Custom Pencil Portraits with Frame
We also provide customized pencil portraits by artist Justin Michael Jenkins. This is a new service and is amazingly affordable with a fast turn over time. It comes with our Classical Frame and is shipped already framed ready to be hung to anyone in the world. The size of the original portrait 11" x 14" in our 16" x 20" frame. Click Here
Art Books featuring artist Justin Michael Jenkins

We now have published books available featuring the art of Justin Michael Jenkins through our publishing division, Imaginative Pencil Publishing. Our first book, "Visionary Landscapes", is now available in print through our bookstore. It contains thirty-one hand selected drawings with insights by various scholars and the artist himself. Click Here

Imaginative Pencil
Imaginative Pencil
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